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  • 25% off seasonings 

  • Official Reckless Tester

    • Provide feedback on new products ​

    • Shipping + handling not included.

  • Discounts on webinars, classes, & courses first

  • Goodie Bag with T-Shirt

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  1. You must have a public Instagram 

  2. Posting content at minimum 4 times a month 

    • Tag @RecklessFlavor ​

    • Use hashtag #RecklessFlavor

    • No post and delete

  3. Must submit 2 recipes per month for our website's blog

    • Writers will receive full author credit (byline), social media tagged/linked, and website linked.​

Feeling Reckless?

If you are interested in being a brand ambassador for Reckless Flavor, please fill out our brand ambassador form and a Reckless Flavor Social Media Representative will get back to you (1) copy.png (1) copy.png
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