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TacoNganas Food Truck

Hey foodies!

Since the beginning of 2020, I’ve been seeing these taco videos from other states going viral. The video was of a young woman eating super cheesy tacos and dipping them in some kind of liquid. Well, they turned out to be called Tacos de barbacoa con consume.

Back in early May I set out on an adventure. I was DETERMINED to find these tacos! After several google searches, a number of places came up, but none of them had what I REALLY wanted. I showed the video to my boyfriend and he says “I know who has those, a little food truck on Summer.” You guys, I RAN to the car.

Now, their version of these delicious tacos are called Tacos N gana de + whatever kind of meat you’d like. I always choose “Pollo” or chicken. I walk up to place my order there was the sweetest cashier ever! Her name is Maria. We talked for about 10 minutes while waiting on my order. Outside of the food being delicious, she was definitely one of the reasons I would go back. The service was great!

Here’s the good part, THE FOOD!

We ordered the Taco n ganas de pollo and Barbacoa and a chicken quesadilla with consommé.

Listen, the food was absolutely DELICIOUS!! That consommé is the absolute BOMB. You don’t even need a taco for that, lol. Let me give you guys a tip: pour the salsa verde (The green sauce) on top of your taco and squeeze the lime on your taco each time you’re getting ready to bite. It will change your life!

If you guys plan on going any time soon, I recommend going as early as possible because the line gets CRAZY. They have 3 locations: Perkins, Summer Ave, and Overton Square.

I usually go to the one on summer. They are located at 4394 Summer Ave, In front on Auto Zone. They have nice little tents and a fan set up to keep you cool during this summer heat.

I give them 5 stars!! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

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